We convert
your campaigns
into sales!

In an era in which digital is on the rise, β€œUAO srl” uses an unconventional means of communication which consists in the use of the exhibition spaces present in newsstands through the positioning of 100×140 cm posters with the aim of reaching the final consumer directly and effectively.

The widespread positioning of newsstands and their strategic placement in large cities and small towns guarantees high visibility of the message triggering a strong word of mouth in the area.

The issue by the newsagent of paper material such as coupons / flyers / brochures allows you to engrave the message even more incisively in the minds of all potential consumers.

Widespread presence
of newsstands

High visibility
of the stations

Positioning in urban
centers where other
means cannot reach

Speed ​​in the implementation
of campaigns
(1/2 days)

Distribution of
printed materials

Constant control and
management of spaces

Transversal target

Presence of

Collection of feedback
on the territory


Reception and support services within Fairs, Congresses and Events.

Street Marketing activities such as distribution of promotional coupons and product sampling in front of schools, market and universities or in urban areas with a strong pedestrian crossing.


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